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Poems for peace


Poems for PEACE! – Jahrgang 12 dichtet für den Frieden

Im Rahmen des Semesterthemas „The African-American Experience“ haben die beiden Sprachenprofile des 12. Jahrgangs Botschaften für Frieden, Gerechtigkeit und Toleranz in ihre ganz eigenen, englischen Worte gepackt. Dabei herausgekommen sind lesenswerte Gedichte, die an unsere Menschlichkeit appellieren. Visuell wurde das Ganze durch selbst erstellte Collagen zum Thema begleitet. Viel Spaß beim Lesen!

Zur Fotogalerie 2022/23



I think we need peace.

Wouldn’t we all need some peace?

Is it even possible to have peace everywhere?

Imagine a world without racism

where you don’t need to worry about being judged

by the colour of your skin.

I think we need peace.


We are all the same,

no matter what we look like,

so why using violence,

when it doesn’t do anything?

I think we need peace.


Racism is nothing you are born with,

it’s something people learn with time,

so why not learn how to treat people right?

I think we need peace.






He was one of the darker brothers.

They sent the police to arrest him

But he didn’t do anything

And he said he couldn’t breathe

He couldn’t breathe but they didn’t believe him.


I hope someday,

there will be no violence

against darker brothers

like him.


No matter what skin color

there shouldn’t be violence

towards any human being.


He, too, was American.





Stay strong

Segregation, attacks, no equal rights

All of this plays a role in life when you’re black

Black or white, white or black

Why does this matter?

Someday there will be peace again

We should think about our behavior


Stay strong, do not let it get you down

we need to fight together


black or white, white or black

it doesn’t matter!


When the fight is over, we found peace

Imagine how good everything would be

You can live your life with

rights, acceptance and joy

Just imagine

how good everything would be






We don’t need to change anything,

here in Germany we are fine,

people are people no matter what,

there is no racism,

that’s what you’re saying,

but if a woman wears a hijab as a doctor,

it’s complicated for you,

or tell me why my black friend has to deal with racism on open street,

it’s just a different color, isn’t it?

Oh, your German is so well, where do you come from?

A question so familiar to those people,

who can speak your mother language

better than you.

So tell me, are we still fine?

You spend your holiday abroad every year,

you go to the Italian restaurant every weekend,

you drink the Greek wine every evening,

you’re taking so much from other countries,

and still want just Germans here?

So I will ask again,

are we still fine?






There once was a man,

gasping for air,

who started a movement

just like a bear.

It’s just like in the past,

just like Rosa Parks.


The people saw it

and so they moved.

“Black Lives Matter”

That was the groove.


The world cried

so the cops got fired.

They got lots of hate

for what it has made




They suffer from humiliation, segregation

Without any dedication

You lie,

Let them die


The color of their skin shouldn’t be a problem

Their religion not a sin

Because you are white you are not better

So let’s finally live together



A fight together

Black Lives Matter, what’s it about?

It’s about speaking up for yourself, for everyone

To speak up for black lives because they do matter.

Everyone deserves to be accepted,

accepted for who you are.


We only can make it together,

not only black also white people.

Everyone needs to fight to stop segregation

We need everyone’s participation.


From now on the looks or the cultural background

Shouldn’t matter anymore,

but what matters is the inside for sure.





Scale of injustice

The new age,

new opportunities

build on bodies

from the past


Aspiration for a new destination

rather love than hate

but when will war or racism just ever stop?


No ups and downs, still above and below,

is this what society wants to be forever?

Saying they’ll change, saying they’ll include, saying they’ll integrate

But isn’t it a marvellous view up there?

They’d change something if it wasn’t all so effortful

But the treadmill still looms, even though it just looks like a fan.


Continuing just like before, not listening, not talking.

They don’t know where to go

with all of their belongings

and privileges

and opinions.


Some working hard

Some being smart

But not on the top

and why?


Is it the colour?

Is it the money?

Is it the surname a person has?


Where is the fairness?

Why do people get dizzy as soon as

they look down from the top they’ve reached?

What are you scared of?

One day I might understand.

Or you will.

Or we will.

Or no one will.


But we remain in the past

because without equality

there is no future.


Without black there’s no white.

Without poor there is no rich.

But there should be

a better scale of justice.





The same

Racism isn’t good.

The other person then has a bad mood.

If the person has another skin

and you judge, then you’re just a bin.

We are all the same and it’s not a shame.

I am white and you are black.

It doesn’t mean you are dreck.

We all are just people and nobody is different because of another skin colour.

Being unfriendly is a dolor.

To judge or discriminate someone

for you means to be a none.


We all are the same.

Stand up against racism,

stand up for your rights.

Be confident!





they could be criminals too

so why are you only hitting US black and blue?

we didn’t even say anything,

we just went along

but for them to find a reason, it didn’t take long

stop the hate, remove the white supremacy

let’s all live together, not separately





Today the world

is so much better


Today no one is

alone forever


But is that

the reality?


Do we still have to fight for



Today the world could

be better

Today we still have to fight







Why do we still have to fight?

We don’t have one single right.

You only want us to leave,

do you remember? I can’t breathe.

Why do you think we aren’t equal?

Thinking this should be illegal.

Maybe one day you will accept us,

but until this day we won’t give up!

(Milane, Vanessa)





Everyone is together,

But some are not for it.

Peace should be from now – to forever

Even if it is a bit.


Everyone should love each other

and care for each other.

Instead they kill one and the other.


They destroy families

although they didn’t do anything.

They see them as enemies

and take everything.



21st century in the USA

We still are here

and want to make clear

we will not cry a tear

because we have no fear

and we will be here

this year

in your near

with a great atmosphere

and we make clear

black life matters after this year


IGS Salzgitter